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CAD - Design Projects  :

  • 3D CAD Modelling, Detailing & drafting of a luxury bus coach.
  • 3D CAD modelling, detailing & drafting of Engine, Transmission parts & assembly.
  • Design Modification (wheel base) of a utility vehicle.
  • Rapid prototyping of front grill & wheel cover for a passenger car.

CAE - Design Analysis Projects :

  • Multi-body Dynamics Simulation to predict the torque required for Torque calculation of a powered seat folding mechanism.
  • CFD Simulation to predict the temperature drop in Radiator
  • Dynamic Analysis of fly wheel.
  • Fatigue Analysis of wheel rim.
  • Behavior analysis of a bearing & knuckle.
  • Thermal & Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Head Lamp assembly of a car.
  • Modal Analysis of 3 Wheeler fender -Transient and frequency response analysis.

Medical- Design projects:

  • Dental Implants and other major projects into Dental
  • Design of Ice twister & Ice tray from given concept to manufacturing drawing.
  • Design and Development of separate new vegetable compartment for 3 door refrigerator.
  • Structural & Panel Design Modification of refrigerator.
  • Refrigerator FC & RC Design Modification according to International standards to minimize the tooling cost & minimize the modifications.
  • Design of water dispenser for refrigerator
  • Design of door handle for refrigerator
  • Data conversion of several plastic & sheet metal parts for consumer durable products.
  • Creation of 3D CAD Model of evaporator fan blade from given co ordinates & cross section.
  • Sheet metal enclosure & cabinet design. 
  • 3D CAD modeling, detailing & drafting of lamp cover of refrigerator from given ‘A’ class surfaces.
  • Design of furniture chair &Table
  • Reverse engineering of rear cover of washing machine.

Medical-  Design Analysis Projects :

  • Coupled thermal structural analysis in order to predict the temperature level in an IC during the assembly stages of assembly.
  • Drop test analysis of a medical instrument.
  • Fatigue analysis of refrigerator door hinge.
  • CFD Simulation of evaporator fan of refrigerator 



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